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Reflecting on My First 100 Days of Practice Challenge

Reflecting on My First 100 Days of Practice Challenge

Last Thursday, I completed my first 100 Days of Practice Challenge. As I went straight into it after my 30 day challenge, I had practised for 130 consecutive days.

Was it hard? Yes and no. There were definitely days in which it was 11:30 at night and I hadn’t gotten to any practising because of other commitments. There were days when I could only do a short practice. But once I made the commitment to my students and online, I felt honour-bound to see it through.

Did I make any life-changing discoveries? Nope. If you do something regularly, you’re going to see some improvement. There are countless studies on that.

If anything, this challenge was an opportunity for me to get back in touch with the way I used to practice at university and whilst preparing for my ARCT in Piano Performance. Here are a few things that stood out as I look back on this challenge…

Using Music Practice Plans

The bottom line is that it’s not how much time you practise on your instrument for, but how you manage your practice time, and how often. You can save a lot of time in the long run if you have a practice plan and goals, and if you have ideas on how to reach them.

Using Practicing Personalities in Music Lessons

This summer, I bought Practice Personalities: What's Your Type? by Thornton Cline in the hopes of gaining new information to help my music students practice more efficiently.

Making a Practice Schedule

Some times and links to help you organize your music practice schedule.

Professional Musicians Talk About Practicing

I tracked down three neat (and short) video clips of professional musicians discussing practicing music. There's some neat practice tips and ideas.