Maestro’s Music Tricks (MMT) is NOT your regular deck of music flashcards. It’s a box of music “tricks” that can help all musicians on the road to music mastery by transforming how one practises.

MMT: A Gamer-Inspired Music Practice Aid

Like a role-playing game character, you begin your MMT journey with a small set of skills and combos: the Starter Deck. These drills can help you fix up to 12 types of Trouble Spots, from note accuracy to flow.

Once you master the first 10 drills, you level up to learn more “tricks”. Explore Drill Combos to fix Trouble Spots (T.S.) more quickly and level up to the Maestro Deck.

MMT: A Coaching Tool for Parents

MMT gives parents and guardians a practice resource of proven tools and strategies to aid the young musician in their family. Now parents without musical experience can help their child troubleshoot and manage their practice time more efficiently.

MMT: A Box of Ideas for Music Teachers

New and experienced music teachers can draw from this fresh approach to working through trouble spots.

Information & Purchasing

The store is temporarily offline until the website migration is complete. For more information, or to purchase MMT, please contact us.

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