Music Teaching Testimonials

Musespeak Studio has been part of our family for the past 4 years.  We have two children enrolled as students, soon to begin their Gr 8 and Gr 6 piano RCM levels.  Rhona-Mae Arca is highly dedicated, not only to the success of her students' music education, but she is also committed to a fun-filled experience and environment beyond the typical technical and theory music studies.  She goes above and beyond to add variety to her music curriculum and most of all, she genuinely cares for her students.  We highly recommend Musespeak Studio!!!

~ Lorie & Erik Ashworth


Rhona-Mae is incredibly talented, and it was a pleasure to have our daughter learning from her! Rhona-Mae does an amazing job helping her students to develop skills and explore music, enhancing a love for music that will have a life-long impact.

~ Amanda & Bob Reitenbach


Rhona-Mae taught my children piano for a total of eight years. She is a talented musician and teacher who is very dedicated to her students. I loved her ability to work at the child's pace and keep the momentum going throughout the years.  She has great patience with children and is able to tailor lessons to individual learning styles and make lessons fun!  She supported our kids in all of their musical interests, including different musical genres and singing.  Rhona-Mae gave our children a very strong foundation in music, which they continue to build on as musicians today, and I always recommend her to anyone looking for a fantastic piano teacher.

~ Claudine Tuttle


Rhona-Mae has been a completely valuable asset of the Piano Teachers Group. She is always timely, and promt in her advice and responses. Not only is she exeptional with communication, but Rhona-Mae is a complete professional in our industry. I always know that I can turn to her for advice for my studio. She always brings the best resources as well. I am so very proud to have Rhona-Mae Arca in my network!

~ Suzan Pleva, Senior Development Manager, Metro Media Consulting Group LLC & Instructor, Melody Piano

Contract & Freelance Testimonials

I worked with Rhona-Mae at, where she was an established writer when I arrived in February 2010. I have always found her work to be well written, informative, accurate and fun to read - she has the knack of being able to put across knowledge in an easy-to-understand way. She brings her years of experience as a teacher to her style of writing, which only enhances her depth of knowledge.

~ Paula Thomas Spowart, Administrator at Cambridge University Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust


Rhona-Mae has been an astute observer and writer detailing the 2010/2011 Calgary Jazz Orchestra series. She has noticed many, many details and commented on them in her articles following each show promptly. We are honored to have her writing reviews of our concerts, and we hope to continue to see her out!

~ Johnny Summers, Vocalist, Trumpeter, Composer, Arranger, Calgary Jazz Orchestra Musical Director


I'm a producer/director and have come to know Rhona-Mae as a writer and media person. Her writing and observations on film and related media are inciteful and unique, and she's getting a good name for herself in the city. She's reviewed a film of mine and interviewed me - I've found her questions as writing rare mix of good journalism and style as the final result to be quite professional. I think Rhona-Mae Arca would be a great addition to any organization. 

~ Philip Spink, Producer/Director