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Calgary Jazz Orchestra ENTERTAINMENT 2011 Concert Review

Nostalgia, fun and music marked the January 30, 2011 jazz concert by the Calgary Jazz Orchestra concert, featuring top pop songs, VG music and movie music. Another concert review brought over from Suite101.com

Calgary Jazz Orchestra's 2013 Pop! Concert Review

The final concert in the Calgary Jazz Orchestra's 2012/13 concert season featured two World Premieres, jazzy pop-rock, vivid soundscapes and lots of laughter.

Concert Review of CJO's An Evening of Romance

Quick post - I finally got my review of the Calgary Jazz Orchestra's Feb. 12 concert "An Evening of Romance" up (hip hip hooray). It featured big band music made famous by Billie Holiday and Chet Baker.
You know, if they ever do a CD, I hope they put "My Funny Valentine" on it.  That was the BEST VERSION EVER!