Fun Time Planning, Minamiーke Style

One of the anime shows that I've been watching this winter is Minami-ke Tadaima. It's a slice of life comedy about the adventures of the Minami sisters and their friends. There is responsible eldest sister Haruka, lazy middle sister Kana and study bug Chiaki. Once in a while, Kana comes up with a brilliant idea. In Episode 5, Kana and her friends make a pie chart with various summer fun activities. Kana posted the chart on the wall and throws a dart at it to choose the activity of the day. In Episode 6 (the obligatory pool episode), Chiaki adds studying, seeing as Kana never studies.

I digress. I decided to take Kana's idea and made my own fun time planner filled with fun activities. It's in Japanese to test my vocabulary:

Minami-ke pie chart

Would you look at that? First up is: きっさてん へ いきます。 じゃあ また ね!