The Yasumi! Doushiyou? Wheel

In February, I was inspired by an episode of Minami-ke Taidaima to make an activity wheel to plan my long weekend. It was a fun way to study Japanese. This round, I decided to make one that can be used every time I have a break. It's simply called the "Yasumi! Doushiyou?" Wheel (or "Break! What should I do?")

Miniami-ke Wheel

How fitting that I make this as Minami-ke Taidaima wraps up. It's been a fun ride with the Minami sisters and their friends. Certainly, it was a nice mood lightener after watching some deeper shows such as Shinsekai Yori and Zetsuen no Tempest.

Check out my To Do List for April Fools' Day. Suteki desu ne?