Repertoire Exploration Project: Conservatory Canada Pre-Grade 1 Repertoire

When I was growing up, we had to go to the library to hear various recordings of our pieces. With technology, it is much easier to access various performances of pieces - but only some pieces. I have decided to record my exploration through student repertoire that hasn't received as much screen time (or any at all). It will take a while, but I hope to playing everything in the Royal Conservatory of Music and Conservatory Canada syllabi.

My students have generally been excited to hear that I'm taking their pieces to the next level by polishing them as well. One of my adult students was so happy to hear the news as it is somewhat disheartening to only see performances of half-pint prodigies playing your piece.

First up: Conservatory Canada's Pre-Grade 1 Repertoire. This was a lot of fun to do, mainly because I didn't have to think too hard about these pieces. I simply had to concentrate on enjoying the music.

There's nothing like playing pieces that show you just how far you've come in your musical journey. And if they help a few piano students and teachers along the way - great.  

The playlist is still a work in progress. I've recruited several of my senior students to help me record the duets. I also need to record the songs that were added to the second edition of the Pre-Grade 1 book.

The Conservatory Canada Pre-Grade 1 Book is available at most local music stores. Alternatively, you may order it at Sheetmusicplus via my affiliate link below:

Cover tiny file look inside New Millennium Pre Grade 1 Piano Conservatory Canada NOVUS VIA MUSIC GROUP. 32 pages. Published by Hal Leonard (HL.139032).

I'll be hopping around in my repertoire review, prioritizing the pieces that my students are currently working on over the rest. Visit the studio's YouTube Channel for updates.