Who Levelled Up in My First Sight-reading Challenge?

October has come and gone and Stage One of my Sight-reading Challenge is behind us. It was an interesting experience for my students and I. Here are our Stage One Results:

  • 72% did 4/4 weekly challenges

  • 12% did extra songs

  • 40% advanced one level

  • 16% advanced two levels

  • 8% advanced three levels

  • 36 % stayed at the same same level

As for me, I didn't do nearly as well as I had hoped. It took me two weeks to clear my first challenge because of a nasty cold. In the end, I got through three pieces but not well enough to move my pin up a notch on the game board.

My adult students and Grade 12 students were in the same boat as me. There just wasn't enough time or energy to get through all of the challenges. I will have to plan how to make this work more effectively in Stage Two.

I was able to take advantage of the post-Halloween candy sales and give away some of my excess Halloween candy. Not only that, I did get regular and jumbo sized chocolate bars on sale too. It still wound up costing about $30, but I have lots of leftovers.

The funny part about this sight-reading experience is that my students have been asking why they didn't have a sight-reading challenge during Week 1 of our rest period. I suppose they got used to it.

The nice side benefit that I am seeing is that more of my students are taking the initiative to learn some songs on their own. Not just one song, but two or three. Others have taken to signing out some music books from my studio library and sight-reading music from cover to cover on their own.

Another student is using this time off to relearn all of her favourite songs from last year. She thought it was fun. I thought it was a fantastic way for her to relearn and reinforce information and techniques that she had forgotten about.

I have two weeks to prepare for the next sight-reading challenge for my students. It has been a great project for all of my students (and for me too!).

Now that I know how much time is involved with picking out pieces, I will get everything all selected in advance. Wish me luck.

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