how to organize your office

A Note on Office Organization

My primary project this past summer was to organize my office and music studio. Oh no, not a cursory, throw things into a file to deal with later. I've been in extreme decluttering mode.
Since I began teaching in 2001, I have dutifully kept all of my music teacher newsletters. Have I read them all? No, of course not. 
Just a fraction of my piles to declutter! Photo by R-M Arca
Just imagine how much paper that is. Got the picture in your mind? My paper clutter is truly as scary as you imagined it to be.
I am approximately 80% through but I have been gleefully ripping out articles to read throughout the year. I have developed the following filing system:
  1. Activity/Event ideas
  2. Blog topic ideas
  3. Group Class ideas
  4. Lesson planning
  5. Professional library ideas
  6. Music games and puzzles
  7. Piano Pedagogy
  8. Professional development
  9. Portfolio additions (my own published articles)
  10. Recital/performance ideas

They will reside in my Active Files drawer until I am done with them. My hope is that throughout the year, I'll actually read these articles. Of course, that hinges upon me clearing the area leading up to my filing cabinet.

Cutting down my To Read Pile into a simple filing system. Photo by R-M Arca