Musings at Musespeak's 100th post

Happy first birthday to Musings. I can't believe that I've made 100 posts since setting up this blog. Maestro is all set for the students. He's upstairs waiting to see if anyone is going to show up today. However, I'm not quite ready for them. I still have to go shopping for some new music (The Music Tree and My First Piano Adventure to name a few), prizes and supplies. I'm really excited about trying these two books. I've heard wonderful things about The Music Tree series and I think most teachers have been eagerly anticipating Faber & Faber's release of My First Piano Adventure for over a year. The CD accompaniment is very catchy.

Some students have been moving around to different time slots. I have to finish sorting that out. Then, I really need to book a church for the recitals, clean up my office again and my computer. That's not so bad.

As you can tell, it wasn't a complete week off - but I knew that going in. I've been good though - work a bit, play a bit, sleep a lot. It's all good.

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My First Blog

A friend of mine who is a marketing consultant has been on my case to set up a blog on the Musespeak(tm) website. At first, I thought, "Why? It's just a simple site about what Musespeak offers." However, the idea has been niggling in the back of my mind since she brought it up. I've been searching for ways to keep the main Musespeak site dynamic and have realized that a blog to muse about being an entrepreneur and an artist fits the bill. I should have known. This friend usually gives good advice. Why would this time be different? Consider this a slice of life blog on the adventures of being self-employed and a musician/teacher/writer. If I come across anything of interest, I'll put it here. Hopefully it will be useful and or entertaining to you, the audience.

Since I'm new at this, I won't even attempt to figure out how to enable discussion threads. I think I enabled comments to entertain comments and questions.

(c) 2005 by Musespeak(tm). All rights reserved.