Kowaii, Myanimelist!

I got quite the scare this month. Since 2009, I've maintained my anime and manga list on . It's great for the times I take a break from a show and can't remember where Ieft off. Two weeks ago, I was locked out of my MAL account. I tried various likely passwords. No dice. Password recovery was useless as well since I couldn't find a place to notify MAL that my email address changed a while back. くそ!

Then on Wednesday, all of a sudden, I had no problem logging in. なんだよ これ?

Needless to say, I've exported both my manga list and anime list as soon as I logged into Myanimelist. I have 215 anime and almost 20 manga on my list. There's no way I'm going to rebuild that from scratch.

It's pretty scary for an otaku to be locked out of her lengthy list of anime.

こわい です ね?

Perhaps I'll check out some of the other anime list building sites. Any recommendations from the peanut gallery?