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World Music Exploration - Yoshinao Nakada

For Week 21 of our World Music Exploration, my students are learning about Yoshinao Nakada. He lived from 1923 - 2000. Born in Tokyo, Nakada sensei was the son of an organist. He studied at Tokyo Music School. This WWII vet has composed piano music, choral works, songs for TV and radio and children's songs. His compositional style is extremely lyrical.

Music students in Royal Conservatory or Conservatory Canada are probably familiar with The Song of Twilight (Grade 3), Dance of the Aborigines (Grade 5), The Gear-Wheels of a Watch (Grade 7) and Etude Allegro (Grade 8). The following clip is of a young musician performing Etude Allegro:

What a fine introduction this young musician gives us!

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