Arca & Arca Perform Pia no Jac

My students, my brother's students, our family, friends and I are exhausted from a weekend full of recitals. My studio recital took place on Saturday, while my brother's was yesterday. The kids did fairly well and there were many pleased parents and grandparents.
One thing we like to do is to perform at our studio recitals. The purpose is two-fold: to keep our own skills up and secondly, to show our students and their families that yes, we really can play.
This year, we have been exploring the music of Pia no Jac, a Japanese piano/cajon duo. The technical challenges are quite different from what we've encountered when we were taking lessons. 
Here's footage of our latest performance. First off is Crossbeats, which features Jay on piano and myself on the cajon:

The second is Habanera based on Bizet's Carmen. This time, I'm on the piano and Jay's playing the cajon:

I wonder how many of my students looked up "Pia no Jac" after the recital.
Want to explore Pia no Jac? Click on the CD below and off you go:


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