My Tabletop Games Wish List: 2013 edition

Some of my friends are coming over during the Christmas Break and we're going to do some serious tabletop gaming. It will be a great way to catch up with each other, challenge our minds and to just have fun. It's no surprise that some of the people on my Christmas shopping list are receiving tabletop games for Christmas. I had to think long and hard about the games they enjoy. I even had to call in my friend Sharwhiz for some recommendations.

While shopping, and exploring, my Tabletop Games Wish List has steadily grown. Here are 12 board games, card games and dice games that are on my Wish List:

  1. Lost Cities
  2. 7 Wonders expansions: 7 Wonders Leaders and 7 Wonders Cities
  3. Pandemic expansions: On The Brink and In The Lab
  4. Castle Panic
  5. Tigris and Euphrates - Double Scenario Edition
  6. Tikal
  7. Agricola All Creatures, Big and Small
  8. Flash Point Fire Rescue 2nd Edition
  9. Martian Dice
  10. Rio Grande Games ACH Space Alert

Of these, I think I've only played two: Castle Panic and Martian Dice. For some reason, I can't remember if I've tried Lost Cities. I don't think so as I'm sure I would have remembered going an archaeological expedition.

The Monster Onslaught: Castle Panic

Castle Panic is a co-operative game for one to six players. The objective is simple: survive the onslaught of monsters coming to trash the castle. If all the towers are knocked down, you're dead.

It's a card and dice game. You roll the dice to determine the monsters' entry point. There are four rings around the castle. The monsters enter your land through the Forest and cannot be attacked from there. Once they step into the Archers' ring, only they can attack. Next are the Knights and Swordsmen. The Barbarian and Hero are exceptions to the rule.

During your turn, you can draw or discard cards, exchange cards with your team mates, attack the monsters, repair walls and add fortifications. Your turn ends by drawing new monster tiles and then moving ALL monsters up one ring closer to your castle. If you wind up with a Boss, it gets ugly.

Kidnapping Earth Specimens in Martian Dice

I understand that Martian Dice is a lot like Zombie Dice. I can't get over my distate for zombies, so I am just happy that there is this cute martian version.

You and your opponents are Martians. This dice game is recommended for two to five players.

Your mission is to abduct human, chicken and cow specimens in a three-roll turn. Watch out for those big bad tanks. If you roll the same number or more Martian death rays, you successfully make off with your specimens. However, if you roll more tanks than death rays, the humans manage to fend you off.  The first Martian team to hit 25 points wins.

Game Expansions Squared

You will notice that I have expansion sets for two games listed: 7 Wonders and Pandemic. As you can see, I do own the base sets:

How about you? What tabletop games are on your wish list?