Christmas Gift Ideas for Students

My colleagues and I have been discussing what kinds of presents we give (if at all) to our students. I have given small Christmas gifts to my students throughout the years, such as pencils and erasers, candy and Christmas decorations. Twice, I've turned my students' gifts into a Japanese language studies project. I made origami stars and turned them into ornaments. Another year, I bought small ornaments and wrote my students' names on each one: in Japanese.

This year, I was inspired by the CD project I did with a student who terminated lessons earlier this year. Last week, my students recorded a track for the studio Christmas CD. Most participated.

I didn't have time to record anything new. Thankfully, I still have my files from a family Christmas CD I made a few years ago, so I tossed one of the tracks in.

It was a good excuse to test out LightScribe label making software. No more smudged up CD labels. The CD design and name are etched in. Let me tell you, my studio and office computers were busy burning audio and artwork.

Then, I was going to add a Christmas candle. However, I discovered that decorating each one would take more time that I could spare and that it was really difficult to find glass votive holders for a really good price. Only once I switched gears, did I learn that IKEA sold said glass votive holders at a sweet price point.

At Michael's, I found 30 party favour tins on sale. I picked up some round Christmas chocolates and decorated the tins with foam stars and Christmas ribbon (also on sale).

Christmas Treats

It was important to me that my students get at least one thing that can be re-used. The tins are a good size to hold little trinkets, candies, dice or coins.

The last bit was a bit of a last minute bonus. I took my studio mascot, Maestro, to PetValu on Saturday. There, with a donation to Pawsitive Match, pets could pose with Santa Claus.

I was initially told that the photo would be sent on Tuesday. I was delighted to see the photo in Maestro's mailbox yesterday afternoon. Bingo! Here's the perfect Christmas card for M̶a̶e̶s̶t̶r̶o̶'̶s̶ ̶g̶r̶o̶u̶p̶i̶e̶s̶ my students.

Here's the finished package:

Here are a few ideas that some of my colleagues have come up with:

  • personalized framed Wordle pictures (Jennifer Foxx)
  • rainbow loom bracelets
  • customized greeting cards
  • sheet music

Need more student gift ideas? My colleague, Joy Morin, asked teachers to share their Christmas gift ideas on her blog, Color My Piano. Finally, Diane Hidy has a colourful list of prize and gift ideas on her blog.

Now, it's your turn. Fellow music (and school) teachers, please share your Christmas gift ideas. What do you give your students for Christmas?