The Tickle Trunk of Textures

At the CFMTA Music Teachers' Convention, Dr. Jennifer Snow  shared some fantastic teaching ideas. One of them was her fabric board of textures. Her students are "imagination gardeners". Frances Mae Balodis expanded upon this in her talk about imagination. It was one of those ideas that I filed away and didn't think of again until Karen King posted about the Imagination Gardener on her blog. Last week, I finally made it to the fabric store:

I just couldn't picture a board of fabric swatches in my studio. That's when Mr. Dressup popped into my head. Aha! A Tickle Trunk of Textures (yes, I like alliteration).

Now, I spent way too much on fabric (that .2m minimum and 1.0 m minimum for fabrics on sale). For approximately $50, I bought enough fabric and trinkets to make not one, not two, not three, but FOUR Tickle Trunks. Thankfully, my brother is also a music teacher, so we split the bill and each have a spare set of fabric.

I am amazed at how well it works! Especially for the students who have trouble playing softly.

When I first show off the Tickle Trunk, I ask my students to pick something and we talk about what kind of song it could describe. That usually gets their imagination going.

Now if only I could get Maestro to let go of the fabric swatch with hearts on it.