A Look at Virtual Choir 4 - Fly to Paradise

On July 11, 2013, our latest Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir project went live. Our world premiere was for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth at the Coronation Festival.

Here it is:

It's stunning. Sure, some people don't like the dubstep or the electronica and some are disappointed because they couldn't find themselves. Regardless, it's a beautiful piece of work. The beauty of hearing nearly 6,000 voices in sync - it's just magical. Peaceful. Awe-inspiring.

If you visit Eric Whitacre's website and scroll down to "Videos from the Choir", you'll find our very own Maestro with his Tenor "submission" to VC4. You can also check him out here:

Finally, one VC member suggested we come up with a blooper reel, while another painstakingly put them together. I'm towards the end:

You can check out my Virtual Choir 4 experience with my students here and my own reflection of VC4 here.