Check Your Pet Treats Before You Buy!

Recently, I purchased these healthy sounding Get Naked Dental Treats for Dogs:

Shortly after ingesting one dental chew, Maestro's lip started trembling and he got itchy. I promptly gave him a Benadryl pill and the trembling stopped.

When I took a closer look at the ingredients list, look at what I found at the end:

Get Naked Treats for Dogs

The final ingredient is "green tea extract". One to two laps of coffee or tea is enough to cause caffeine poisoning in dogs.

One could extrapolate that the trace amounts in the chew was enough to cause something like an allergic reaction. Speaking of allergic reactions, read up on how to recognize and treat allergic reactions in you dogs.

This was a good reminder to me how important it is to read ingredients labels - not just in our food - but in our pets' food too!