Is Human Medicine Safe for Pets?

Some of you may have read my review of the Canine Equipment Ultimate Trail Pack with a twinge of concern. In it, I mention several types of human over-the-counter medication as being part of Maestro's medicine cabinet.

Some human medications are safe for pets. Before putting together your pet's medicine cabinet, there are two concerns: the medicine itself and the dosage.

First, it is important to be aware of which types of medication is safe for pet consumption. Veterinarian Dr. Patty Khuly has a really good list of 10 OTC medication that are safe for pets. Walker Valley Vet includes dosage recommendations on their list.

Conversely, the ASPCA has published a list of the Top 10 Human Medications that are Poisonous to Pets. Keep in mind that what is safe for a dog isn't necessarily safe for a cat.

My dog's travel first aid kit contains the following:

At home, he has his own bottle of hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel and Self Adhering Flexible Bandage. The latter has come in handy because Maestro pulled a muscle during his walk yesterday.