Popular Back Massagers

Last week, I reviewed the Travel Roller, which is a self-myofascial release (SMR) tool for back pain relief. We live in a sedentary society, after all. Between sitting at my instrument, sitting at my desk and sitting (sometimes) when I teach, I do get back aches. Even with all my attempts to have ergonomic seating, I still get backaches, especially lower back pain.

As much as I like my Travel Roller, I'm always on the lookout for other massagers that offer back pain relief. Since I'm self-employed (TL: not the health benefits plan), I try to solve as much as I can on my own before calling a medical professional.

I have done some digging and found these 10 popular back massagers. Sure, you can order them from Amazon. However, if you want to buy local, do check your local medical supply store or exercise equipment store. Here's the Top Ten Best Sellers in Back Massagers:

  1. Trigger Point Performance The Grid Revolutionary Foam Roller, Black
  2. The Stick Travel Stick
  3. Body Back Buddy
  4. Spine-Worx Back Realignment Device
  5. Trigger Point Performance Grid 2.0 Revolutionary EVA Foam Roller (Black)
  6. Trigger Point Performance The Grid Revolutionary Foam Roller with SMRT-CORE Level 1 DVD (Black)
  7. Original Massage Stick
  8. The Original Backnobber II by The Pressure Positive Company
  9. Trigger Point Performance Self Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue Massage Starter Set
  10. Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Massager

Alas, my Travel Roller is not in the Top 100 List. In fact, it's actually found under "Sports & Outdoors". Methinks it's in the wrong category.

Now, I do own back massager that IS on the Top 10 List: The Originial Backnobber. What I tend to do is use the Travel Roller to loosen up the knots a bit so that the Original Backnobber can get into a knot and finish the job.