On Japanese Language Learning Games

Last class, our substitute teacher had us play Japanese Jeopardy. Only, sensei explained everything in Japanese - very quickly. This, I'm sure, met with lots of blank stares (not just mine).

We had three categories: Location, Work and Body. Not only did we have to deal with a sensei who spoke quickly, but one who threw in vocabulary that many of us didn't know. It was a clear sign that we need to study more and beef up our vocabulary before playing another Japanese language learning game.

I finally figured out how to conjugate my response properly towards the end, when there were only three blank squares ("The place you mail a letter at is the post office.").

At any rate, the game idea is a pretty good one as far as study ideas go. Here are a few sites that I've tracked down:

Digital Dialects

Japanese Language Toy Chest

Hiragana and Katakana Games

I'll some of the Japanese language learning apps that are popular with my Japanese language class next time.