Student Incentive Program Musings

It may seem odd that I'm thinking about next year's student incentive program. It all started with me revamping the Lesson Assignment/Practice Diary Sheet to incorporate things that needed either clarification, simplification or simply more room. Might as well tackle it now while it's fresh on my mind. On the other hand, you could accuse me of procrastinating from practicing, however, it's not altogether true. I just get distracted with all the other things I have to do. All right, I could have worked on it AFTER practicing. Yes, even teachers employ the same pitiful excuses we get from our own students.

Here are two informative sites on student incentive programs that I recently discovered: Music Teachers Helper Piano Teacher Resources

Enough webtime and back to that piano. There's nothing like wanting to do well on an exam to motivate one to go the extra mile. Must drill those trouble spots and work on transposing!

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