On Time, Ahead of Time & Yet Outta Time

When I asked as student how his week has been going, he replied, "Average." He had tests and assignments - the usual. It hasn't been an average week for me. Yesterday, two students swapped lesson times for the week and today, two simply didn't show for their lessons while two anounced that they will be leaving. Lesson swapping is a great system but in this case, I had to jump into the fray since this student was having challenges finding someone available to trade with. No-shows do happen from time to time. However, we teachers do appreciate the heads up beforehand so we can re-adjust our schedule. Though, the nice thing about running a private studio is that I can get some office work (or housework) done when a student doesn't show. I got quite a bit of ARMTA work done. Just about set for Monday's general meeting. I even managed to catalogue some new music I recently purchased for the studio library.

I am sad to see the two students leave but I understand that sometimes, life's demands don't leave room for one to do music.

My students' piano recital is this Sunday. Getting the signs and Certificates of Achievement done was a nice brainless task, unlike the recital programme, which took at least three drafts (I stopped counting). It's amazing how many changes were made with people changing songs or saying that a schedule conflict has come up and they can no longer attend. Well, I've printed off over 100 programmes. Any other changes will have to be made from the stage.

Now all that's left to finalize are the post-recital reception supplies, figure out the most efficient way to get through the programme, pick up the church key (would you believe it takes 74 minutes to get to the church by city transit?) and put together my Recital Box/Bag (tape, footstool, etc.). Perhaps I'll get the students to sit up front in their performance order and get everyone to follow the programme instead of having an MC introduce them. The MC is a nice touch, but I'm really trying to keep the running time within an hour. With students playing more than one song and exam students running through their programme, timing is a challenge.

This round, the students who are playing more than one songwill perform each song at different points in the programme. I read somewhere that it gives parents and students something to look forward to as family are concerned with three only things - "When is Johnny playing? When does he play next? When is this over?" From a performer's standpoint, it gives them a chance to regroup. We'll see how it works on Sunday.

Alas, I am outta time. I thought I had ample time to drop off a job application (I'm looking for a PT job to help with the bills - especially in the summer drought) and to get all my bookkeeping done. I was three months behind on the personal side. I finally updated my personal chequebook (still pathetic looking) and will have to tackle the business side tomorrow (er...later today).

Off to practice. I still have some problem spots in my song that need to be ironed out before Sunday and a wedding music consultation on Saturday. Time to dust off those wedding songs. Hopefully, I can squeeze in a good practice, get enough sleep AND catch the 9:10 bus on time in the morning...

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