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Great Link about Articulation & Music Terms

I stumbled upon this link in my search for a refresher on tremolos:

I particularly like the chart about all the different accents. That will come in handy when I start reviewing accents with my students.

Now I better get back to practicing. I'm "parachuting" in as a choir accompanist for a short-term project so I need to speed-learn the pieces for tomorrow's rehearsal. And yes, I just got the music today. Isn't that how it always goes?

The jazz lessons are paying off. My style of chunking the information has changed with my year in jazz.

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Music Review 101

The one thing that music teachers enjoy about Christmas break is that it's a chance to rest our overworked braincells and catch up on sleep. The downside however, is that some students really take "Christmas Break" to a whole new level. These links are for those students and the teachers that are looking for funky ways to refresh their memories:

Speed Note Reading Practice - everything from note reading to ear training drills - Games

And let's not forget my all-time favorites: - Head to "Trainers" - The Piano Player

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Music Note Reading Games and Worksheets

A student asked me today for some extra note reading games and worksheets. An online search revealed several interested sites:

Students and fellow teachers - if you know of any additional websites, please write in and share with us. Thanks.

Happy exploring!

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