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Recital Musings

I used to get nervous for myself when performing. Now I get nervous for my students. I want them to do well, for themselves and for the loved ones who came to hear them. I hum along with each performance, bobbing and swaying to the music, just as my teachers did for me. When a student has a glitch, I stare at them, willing them to carry on and to get back into the piece. When a student does well, I find it difficult to contain my excitement.  


Sunday, we held our studio Winter Recital at McKenzie Towne Church. They have the best Young Chang piano I’ve played (but my heart still belongs to Yamaha). The venue is well laid out. The spacious foyer served as the “Snack & Chat” area after the recital. My mother and room-mate made use of the big kitchen to store and prepare the plates of goodies. Dad went straight to the well-stocked supply closet afterwards and found all he needed to tidy up the place. My brother found the perfect nook to set up shop for recording the recital.





We got to a late start because we didn’t have enough time to set up. I’ll have to put in a one-hour buffer next time.




Delegation works wonders. Students and parents helped hand out programs, put up signs, sort the programs that were mixed with another document, perform a sound check and serve as MC’s. They also brought non-perishable food items for the Calgary Food Bank and goodies for the Snack & Chat.




The recital went smoothly. Unfortunately, we had some last minute cancellations and no-shows but that didn’t affect the flow. All the students played well. Sure, they may be grumbling about some wrong notes or some wacky rhythms, but they all demonstrated that they could carry on with poise, a sense of humour and musical expression. That’s all I can ask for.



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