Website Searches of Note

My marketing friend, Andrea Coutu, recommended a while back that I track visits to my website. There have been some interesting searches conducted which lead people to my site. Here are just a few of the more interesting or common searches done for Musings:

  1. Piano pedagogy certificate program
  2. Musikgarten
  3. Musical ear
  4. Piano Practice Excuses
  5. APTA Festival + Calgary
  6. RSI Iaido
  7. Iaido Calgary
  8. Creative Practicing
  9. How to Cheat on RCM Exams
  10. Benefits of Music
  11. Summer pedagogy programs
  12. Summer Piano Programs

Number 9 was a surprise. That particular blog had "rhythm cheat sheet" and a reference to my students taking an RCM examination. I know that students have tried time and time again to cheat on theory exams, employing similar techniques used for other school tests. However, cheating on a piano exam isn't heard of too often. There was an incident a couple of years back, in which three piano teachers and one RCM Examination Representative were suspended for obtaining and giving the actual sight reading and ear training exam questions to students in advance of their exams.

Here are some of the more colourful/common searches done for Musespeak(tm)'s site:

  1. Lakeland Terrier
  2. Music Background
  3. Writing Background
  4. Music images
  5. RCM Exams
  6. Music Lessons Calgary
  7. Voice Lessons Calgary
  8. Guitar Lessons Okotoks
  9. Music Theory
  10. Accompanying Policies

Who would have thought that Maestro would be searched for?

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