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Online Music Resources Spotlight: Making Music Fun

Making Music Fun is a friendly site with music games, music worksheets, free sheet music and music resources. These are geared toward beginner to early intermediate-level students.
There is a nice selection of note-naming worksheets as well as interval worksheets. They are visually appealing to young students. There are also composer word searches. 
Making Music Fun is well laid out. Visit the Music Library and learn all about a composer. There are composer biographies, worksheets, lesson plans and sheet music.  You can also access this information in the Print It section.
There is also an arcade, which contains two music theory games ("Music Distress" and "Eek Shark!"). All worksheets are available for free.
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Fun Music Recommendations for Summer

Hooray! It's the last week of lessons. My students and I are looking forward to some time off. This week, they've all heard me stress the importance of doing some music practice during the summer so they don't waste the time, effort and money that they, their parents and I as their teacher have invested throughout the year.

The following are some of the "fun music" suggestions I have given them to make their "Summer Learning Projects" as enjoyable as possible:

I also compiled a listing of websites in a recent article Where to Find Free Piano Music Online (new link to come). An honourable mention goes out to Piano Squall's website with loads of video game and anime theme songs. I wanted to put his site on the list but there are constraints on article length.

Students can also check out the RCM Popular Selection List and Conservatory Canada's Contemporary Idioms Syllabus online for suggestions of graded popular pieces.

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Free Sheet Music

Friday Fun Link #13

Ooh, how auspicious. Friday Fun Link #13 on Friday the 13th.

I found out about this funky website from one of my students (Thanks Leah!). Called Take a Piano Sheet Music Break, this site offers FREE popular sheet music, transcribed or arranged for piano. There is a good selection of songs, ranging from classic rock to the 80s and from easy listening to what’s hot on the Top 40 charts today.

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Friday Fun Link #2

There are many websites that boast free music sheet music (with or without a membership). It makes things easier than ever before to find some fun or leisure-play music. However, just be careful since that some versions are a little shady (error-ridden or infringing upon someone's copyright). Today's link is a place I go to for fun music: - my students and I are currently on a Japanese anime/JPop kick and some dedicated otaku (obsessed fans) have transcribed the songs and share their transcriptions. These people sat down and played back the CD or mp3 file enough times to pick out the notes and jot them down. Now that's dedication!

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