collaborative piano

Excited About My New Accompaniment Gig

Playing ensemble music reminds me of the Tamil Indians. You create something different each time you play with a different group or a different song. I'm looking forward to my newest accompanying project. Four really fun tunes.

The Rules of Ensemble Playing (according to students)

Image source: Thanks to my Giggle Trio (AKA Tess, Gabriel & Danielle) for sharing these rules of ensemble playing and rehearsing. It's quite the work of art, which I think applies to ALL ensembles:

  1. No knee pinching.
  2. No story telling until the end of the rehearsal.
  3. Try not to giggle so much.
  4. Listen to everybody's ideas.
  5. Pay attention.
  6. Try new stuff.
  7. If the group is getting too giggly, tell them to stop.
  8. Listen/look for each other's cues.
  9. No body checking.
  10. Have a plan.
  11. Have fun!!!!!

Personally, I think rule #9 is a classic!

(c) 2009 by The Giggle Trio, Calgary, AB, Canada. Posted with permission.