back to teaching

Is it naptime yet?

It's day three of teaching for me and I'm so tired! After a relatively light summer teaching schedule, I forgot how much energy teaching requires (and Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my long workdays!). The more excited the student, the more energy I need. I'm not complaining though. Both Maestro and I are glad to get back into our fall routine. Not to mention, budgeting will be a lot easier now that I have a regular schedule. I've enjoyed hearing about the students' vacations (camping, Disneyland, BC, Toronto) and am impressed with the progress some students have made over the summer.One continues to astound me with how well her musical ear is developing. The songs that she can pick out by ear and embellish upon are just astounding! Several have already learned two or three songs (and that's just the conservatory songs not the pop songs). With most, I have to spend some time reviewing what they learned last year.

The one glitch I've run into this week is with my new pet project. I plan to record the students' lessons onto CD but the CD burner died the first day. Two lessons sounded like two chipmunks talking. Then, the burner died. So it's back to pencil and paper until I can get that fixed. In a way, I'm relieved that it's a hardware issue. I was beginning to worry that my luck for learning new software quickly was running out.

Look at the time! I better get ready to teach.

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