Canadian Music Centre

Saluting Canadian Composers

Canada Music WeekTM takes place later this month (Nov. 20 - 24). Incidentally, November 22 is St. Cecilia's Day (patron saint of music with a very colourful history). Canada Music WeekTM aims to:

  • bring to the attention of the public, through various means, the importance of Canadian music;
  • emphasize not only Canadian work, but also the significance of music generally;
  • introduce contemporary music to Canadian students and stimulate a keener appreciation and understanding of this music;
  • encourage music teachers to widen their knowledge and experience of Canadian works;
  • support composers and performers of Canadian music.

I've met several wonderful established Canadian composers, including Dean Blair, Roberta Stephen and Joyce Pinkney. Elinor Lawson, my university professor, studied with Violet Archer.

You can find out more about our talented composers by visiting the following links:

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