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Angry Piano Music

A few weeks ago, two of my female students (one pre-teen, one teen), were going through a rough week. When we talked about the songs they are currently working on, we came to the realization that there was a gaping hole in their repertoire: they didn't have any " angry" music. When I told them that "angry" piano music does exist, they asked for some to work on. The more advanced student is currently working through Robert Starer's "Crimson" from his Sketches in Color. The 7/8 time signature is delightfully lopsided and it's all fast and furious.

After speaking with some colleagues and conducting a quick Google search, I found a few more titles to add to the list:

Allegro barbaro by Bela Bartok:

Allegro Barbaro, Sz. 49 look inside Allegro Barbaro, Sz. 49 By Béla Bartók. Edited by Maurice Hinson. For Piano. Masterworks; Piano Solo; Solo. Alfred Masterwork Edition. 20th Century; Masterwork. Advanced. Sheet. 8 pages. Published by Alfred Music Publishing (AP.8085)

...more info

Piano Sonata No. 7 (Op.83) by Sergei Prokofiev:

Piano Sonata No. 7, Op. 83 look inside Piano Sonata No. 7, Op. 83 (Piano Solo). By Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953). For Piano. Piano. 32 pages. Sikorski #SIK2178. Published by Sikorski (HL.50483889)...more info

Moonlight Sonata - 3rd movement by Ludwig van Beethoven:

Piano sonata C sharp minor - Op. 27, No.2 [Moonlight] look inside Piano sonata C sharp minor - Op. 27, No.2 [Moonlight] (Moonlight Sonata). By Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827). Edited by Bertha Antonia Wallner. For Piano. Piano (Harpsichord), 2-hands. Henle Music Folios. Urtext edition-paper bound. Classical Period. SMP Level 8 (Early Advanced). Single piece. 16 pages. G. Henle #HN49. Published by G. Henle (HL.51480049)

Smp_stars50 (1) ...more info

"#3" from Three Piano Pieces by Arnold Shoenberg:

Three Piano Pieces, 1894 Three Piano Pieces, 1894 By Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951). For piano. 20th Century. Score. Published by Belmont Music Publishers (BE.BEL-1017)...more info

"Danza de gaucho matero" from Danzas Argentinas by Alberto Ginastera

Danzas Argentinas pour Piano look inside Danzas Argentinas pour Piano (Piano Solo). By Alberto Ginastera (1916-1983). For piano. Editions Durand. 20th Century and Argentina. SMP Level 10 (Advanced). Collection. Standard notation (does not include words to the songs). 14 pages. Editions Durand #DF1300400. Published by Editions Durand (HL.50561253)Smp_stars40 (11) ...more info

If you would like to contribute to this list of angry music, please feel free to post a comment.

I am still trying to find some angry music for my Grade 1 student. She's going to ask her mother to get her some Avril Lavigne sheet music though, so that will help channel her angst.

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