Argentinian musician

World Music Exploration - Rhapsody in g minor by Brahms

This week's selection is one of my personal faves, ever since I brother learned it many moons ago.


Johannes Brahms lived from 1833 - 1897. Like all the other selections this month, Brahms hailed from Germany. He wrote works for piano, orchestra, singers and several small chamber ensembles. I've heard many times that a certain level of emotional maturity is needed to play his works well. Having played and heard several of his works, I tend to agree.


This is Brahms' Rhapsody in g minor, op. 79 no. 2. It's in ABA (ternary) form as many works from the Romantic period are. It's stormy and full of angst. As some of my students have sensed, there's an element of melancholy as well.


The pianist is Martha Argerich from Argentina. She won the seventh International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw in 1965This reclusive musician is hailed as one of the greatest pianists of our time.


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