Argentine music

World Music Exploration 2010/11 Week 8 - Babasonicos

We wrap up this month's exploration of Argentine music this week with the band, Babasónicos. This rock band came together in the 1990's and quickly became one of the leading groups in the "sonic" underground rock movement in Argentina.

"Babasónicos" refers to Sai Baba, an the Indian guru, and the Spanish version of The Jetsons, Los Supersónicos. The band members are: Adrián "Dárgelos" Rodríguez (lead singer), Diego "Uma-T" Tuñón (keyboards), Diego "Uma" Rodríguez (guitar/lead singer), Diego "Panza" Castellano (drums), Mariano "Roger" Domínguez (guitar) and Gabriel "Gabo" Manelli (bassist). Manelli passed away in 2008 from Hodgkin's Disease.

Babasónicos has won numerous MTV Music Awards in Latin America.

Below is a clip of their song, Microdancing:

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World Music Exploration 2010/11 Week 7 - Alberto Ginastera

This week, my students and I are exploring one of my favorite composers, Alberto Ginastera. He lived from 1916 - 1983. His musical output is extremely diverse, from ballet (Panambí and Estancia) to concerti, and from opera (Don Rodrigo, Bomarzo) to solo piano works (Danzas Argentinas, Suite de danzas criollas). Ginastera's compositional style incorporates folk elements, serialism, polytonality and cross rhythms.

One interesting tidbit: His second opera Bomarzo premiered in Washington in 1967, but was banned in Buenos Aires for its content and was not staged until 1972.

The following clip is of a piece I performed for my ARCT in Piano Performance, Danzas Argentinas. It was fun but boy, was III - Danza de le gaucho matero ever a doozy to learn!

Danzas Argentinas, op. 2 I - Danza del viejo boyero (“Dance of the Old Herdsman”) II - Danza de la moza donosa (“Dance of the Beautiful Maiden”) III - Danza del gaucho matrero (“Dance of the Arrogant Cowboy”)

The performer is Italian pianist Roberto Plano. Career highlights include: First Prize Winner of the 2001 Cleveland International Piano Competition, Finalist at the Twelfth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition (2005),Laureate of the 2003 Honens International Piano Competition and the 2006 Axa Dublin International Piano Competition. (c) 2010 by Musespeak(tm), Calgary, AB, Canada. All rights reserved.

World Music Exploration 2010/11 Week 5 - Traditional Argentine Music

This month, my students and I will be exploring the music of Argentina. This week, we're listening to traditional music. As with the traditional music of Australia (last month's adventure), traditional music in Argentina is tied to folk dances. Most people think "tango" when they think of Argentine music (me too). For that very reason, I searched for non-tango music examples. There are several types of traditional music in Argentina, including:

  • the Chámame: a lively dance with elements from European polkas and waltzes from Eastern Argentina,
  • the Cuarteto: an upbeat dance that resembles the mergenue but has strong Spanish and Italian folk music elements. The music is played by accordions, pianos and violins and,
  • the Chacarera: a lively dance that emerged from NW Argentina's rural areas. It's a lively square dance with music played by the Spanish guitar and drums.

This week's clip features the Chacarera:

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