Our 100 Days of Practice Challenge - in the Students' Words

Last time, I shared my takeaways from latest 100 Days of Practice Challenge. My students who have completed their first 100 Days of Practice Challenge have submitted their surveys. Here’s what they have to share on practising for 100 days in a row:

What was the easiest part for you about the challenge?

  • The easiest part about the challenge is for when you don’t have time so you can do a very little practice or just listen to your music, also that other instruments that I have play [count].

  • Doing finger practices or listening to my pieces on the days I was busy.

  • Remembering to practice every day.

  • I was allowed to play whatever I wanted.

  • Finding something to practice every day.

  • The easiest part of the challenge for me was finding a type of music to practice, whether that be theory, listening to pieces, marching band or piano.

  • I started the challenge as I was preparing for my exam, so the motivation to practice daily was very strong.

What was the hardest part for you about the challenge?

  • Trying to play the piano every day. Especially when you do not feel well.

  • Having to practice every day.

  • Playing without a break.

  • Theory. Definitely.

  • Finding different things to practice every day.

  • The hardest part was practicing for long amounts of time.

  • Sometimes just finding the time!

Has your playing changed since participating in this challenge. If so, how?

  • Yes, I believe it has because I am getting things a lot faster.

  • I don’t think so.

  • Not since the 60 day challenge.

  • No.

  • Yes it has. It has improved technically.

  • Yes, my practices schedule has become more consistent and regular.

  • The approach to getting time to practice. It is less “Oh I have to practice,” and more part of the daily routine and have a set time rather than “Oh I should practice.” Also if it is late or I am tired I will still practice and often, “Oh I’ll just do 15 minutes,” becomes 30 - 45 minutes.”

Have you noticed or discovered anything interesting about your musical journey since starting this challenge? If so, what?

  • I discovered that we are around music all the time from playing instruments to going outside and listening to the nature.

  • No.

  • Not since the last challenge.

  • I improve best when I spread out the practice of that one thing.

  • I have noticed that once I have gotten into a steady routine of practicing it is easier to make time for it.

  • Practices are more relaxed but also more productive as I will stay longer on one thing and feel I have to log everything, as I know I will practice again the next day. If I don’t practice I feel I’ve missed something.

Any other comments, questions, or suggestions to make the practice challenge better next round? Or other practice challenges/projects?

  • Maybe being able to take a break if they have something major like exams.

  • Instead of practising continuously, maybe there can be 1 day of rest.

  • Have break days.

  • Nope

  • I enjoyed the challenge. Even when the exam was over I kept it going. I feel it gives me time/permission to not only work on exam pieces but all other fun pieces. As of today,my 100 days has expanded to 130 days.

My students have decided to continue with either a 60 Days of Practice Challenge or a couple of 30 Days of Practice Challenges (with a break in between). They don’t want to lose their momentum now that they’ve got their practice groove on.

Thank you to my students Haley, Kateri, Henry, Claire, Erika, Edel, and P for sharing their feedback here. I should point out that Edel is an adult student, so it has been a delight to hear about her weekly discoveries in the practice room and with the music meetups she participates in.