Our 60 Day Practice Challenge - in the Students' Words

Last time, I shared my takeaways from my first 100 Days of Practice Challenge. My students who have completed the 60 Days of Practice Challenge have submitted their surveys. Here’s what they have to share on practising for 60 days in a row:

What was the easiest part for you about the challenge?

  • Remembering to practice everyday because now it is just a part of my daily routine.

  • Keeping track. Finding a way to practice everyday.

  • Having the small online practices that still count for something.

  • This wasn’t much of a challenge for me because I practice everyday anyways.

  • For me, the easiest part of the challenge was probably being able to take a lazy day when I was sick, or not feeling my best.

  • By listening to my pieces everyday and by being in band.

  • It wasn’t much different from the thirty day and I practice daily anyways.

  • The easiest part was doing the hand drills or listening to my pieces because it was something I could do really fast and call it practise.

  • Finding any aspect of music to practice, such as music apps, listening to pieces, theory, and drumming.

What was the hardest part for you about the challenge?

  • Making sure I don’t skip a day even when I don’t feel like doing piano or when I’m really busy.

  • Knowing what to practice. Making it a variety every day.

  • Having the motivation to practice on days I’m tired.

  • The hardest part for me about the challenge was not being able to take a break. Another thing that was hard was probably at the beginning, thinking “I have so many more days left!”

  • The hardest part was trying to get to the piano when you have lots of homework or working up the courage to perform in front.

  • Nothing.

  • The hardest part was playing everyday because it was challenging to balance school and music. I would have to remember to practise, even on days I was busy, so I can learn my pieces or so I don’t have to restart the challenge.

  • Finding time on the piano is a challenge.

Has your playing changed since participating in this challenge. If so, how?

  • Not much since the last challenge.

  • I feel my playing has improved much quicker than it did before.

  • Just learning pieces/trouble spots/scales faster.

  • No.

  • The same.

  • I think that my playing has changed during the challenge, because the more I practiced, the better I got at my songs and scales.

  • Yes, I feel that I am getting better and faster at learning new pieces.

  • I have been able to learn songs faster.

  • I think so because I feel that I’m not stressing to get all of my pieces ready in a short time but I have a week to slowly play my pieces.

  • Yes, my practicing has become more focused.

Have you noticed or discovered anything interesting about your musical journey since starting this challenge? If so, what?

  • Not really.

  • The challenges help me improve my piano skills.

  • I feel I am more interested in practicing since my skill and confidence in the pieces has improved.

  • I noticed how much practicing, even small practices affect how fast you learn things.

  • It took longer.

  • I have discovered that if I push myself on things I don’t really want to do ( a part of a piece or something), I can get better at it and it can become a piece that I actually like!

  • I have been doing more practice and noticed that I am surrounded by music [more than] I thought.

  • Not really.

  • I’ve noticed that I’m learning pieces a little bit quicker compared to last year.

  • I’ve discovered that I’m constantly surrounded by music, so it’s easier to take a moment and practice in different forms.

Any other comments, questions, or suggestions to make the practice challenge better next round? Or other practice challenges/projects?

  • Nope!

  • I think that next round, we should be allowed one break day ;-) .

  • Nope. :-)

  • 100 days of practice but not every single day

  • Set reminders to practice more regularly.

Most of my students are in the throes of the 100 Days of Practice Challenge. A couple have opted to go back to the 30 Days of Practice Challenge, which is fine. They have picked a goal that they are more confident they can achieve and are committing to it. What more can a music teacher ask for?


Thank you to my students Henry, Kateri, Claire, Tanya, Alexandra, Haley, Erika, P. and Anon. for sharing their feedback here.