My DIY Samurai Kanzashi

One of the things that seems common with sword arts practicioners is a hankering for sword-themed accessories, such as sword keychains, sword earrings, sword-themed bags, and so on. I tend to wear my hair long and pin it up with hair clips or hair sticks. It was only a matter of time before I began scouring the Internet for "samurai kanzashi."

My searches never quite hit jackpot. That's when I began wandering local craft stores for DIY hair stick ideas. As I stood staring at knitting needles and hat pins, I thought, "This doesn't feel right." It was only once I walked into an Asian grocery store and spied a set of metal chopsticks that the katana hair stick idea began to take shape. 

Here's a look at how I transformed a set of chopsticks into DIY Samurai Kanzashi:

It took me approximately three days from purchasing components to project completion. It wasn't particularly difficult once I figured out my supplies. This pair matches my iaito

I'll definitely make more in the future. Some of my piano students have asked that I make them as incentive prizes.