Maestro's Dog Arthritis Update & Pet Insurance Musings

Maestro enjoys his water therapy sessions at Canine Aquafitness. Photo by R-M Arca. Where has the year gone? It’s been so long since I’ve had the time to blog. But we’re back with a little update on Maestro’s treatments for canine arthritis and Inter-vertebral Disc Disease.

Maestro’s condition has certainly stabilized with the combination of acupuncture, water and laser therapy. Take a look at this early video I took of his gait around the time he first started water therapy:

Now, look at this video I took of Maestro a couple of weeks ago after his acupuncture treatment. He was zipping along in his Bat Dog Halloween costume:

There is definitely a noticeable improvement in his arthritic gait, especially in his front.

Maestro has stabilized as far as the water therapy for dogs go. He averages around .30 miles per session. Tolerates the water treadmill and relishes in the swimming portion. He’s also quite vocal if the water temperature is a little too cold.

Now, this would not be possible for me without pet care insurance. There are several companies available in North America, including:

Like health care insurance for us, the “trick” is to get coverage before your pet is diagnosed with a condition. Pre-existing conditions aren’t covered. Long story short, Maestro can never switch to another company, we can only change plans with the same company at this point. 

What I did was take out a small plan for him as a pup and then upgraded as he got older. I switched him to the higher coverage plans before he was diagnosed with dog arthritis and intervertebral disc disease (IVDD).

If you decide to go with Pet Care, please contact me and pass my name as having referred you. One word of advice: even if you see an option to fill out one claim form for ongoing treatments (you know, fill it out once and just submit receipts) - don't use it. You and your vet can save a lot of time and headache by filling out a fresh claim form for each and every appointment. That form was more trouble than it was worth.

Seeing how Maestro is shuffling along at a good pace, remains engaged in daily activities, I’d say that this is a good treatment plan for him. He even asks students and studio parents to give him a massage when they are sitting in the studio waiting area. What a cheeky guy!