Screen Cleaner Coolness at My Studio

I bought it because it looked small and cute. Then, I read the sign on the point-of-sale display at Staples. It stated that most cell phones are dirtier than a toilet seat in a public bathroom.

Let that sink in a moment. Eww!

Sold! I picked up one AM Mist Screen Cleaning Block. Even though my smartphone is waterproof (and gets regular washings), my other mobile gadgets, as well as my students’, aren’t.


Once you slide the canister out from the case, you wind up with one cute block containing a gentle cleaning solution. The outside of the cannister is made of microfiber to kill all the germs on any cell phone, tablet or iPod. The sticker on the case indicates that the spray bottle is refillable.

My students notice this small screen cleaner for cell phones, tablets and iPods right away because it’s colourful and cute. Then, I explain what it is to them and they promptly ask to clean their mobile device. It’s an undisputed hit at my studio this week.

For $12.99 CAD at Staples, it’s a pretty cheap way for us to keep the germs away. Other sizes are available on the AM website. If you want to check out a product review of the AM Mist + Spray, check out the one by Gadget Mac.