Gluten Free Food for Dogs


Last weekend, I attended the Calgary Gluten Free Expo. Although I don’t have celiac, I have noticed a significant improvement in my sinuses, general gastrointestinal health and energy level whenever I do go gluten free.

When Maestro was diagnosed with canine arthritis and Intervertebral Disk Disease, his vets told me that Maestro can’t eat wheat. When I attended the GF Expo last week, it was for both of us.

Gluten Free Food for Dogs and People

Maestro was very excited to try some of the samples from the Calgary Gluten Free Expo. We both liked the oatmeal and granola by Bakery on Main.

However, I didn't notice the yeast in the Ingredients Listing on the Breton crackers. Maestro is a dog with yeast sensitivities. It was a rough couple of days for us until the yeast worked its way out of his system.

One of the “new to me” finds was MILA. As some health-conscious folk know, chia seeds boast numerous health benefits, including weight loss, decreased joint pain, anti-aging, heart health, and sleep.

It was a pricey purchase, at $60 for a 16-oz. bag. At least, it’s something that both Maestro and I can use.

It’s too soon to tell, and we haven’t been consistent. We’ll report in about a month of regular use how Maestro is doing. I have also found that my favourite neighbourhood supermarkets do sell chia seeds at a more attractive price point.

The other find was camelina oil, which I tried at the Three Farmers’ booth. They had three versions for sale: natural and flavoured with herbs. When cooking for your pet, it’s safest to go with the natural version.

The representative said that unlike olive oil, you can cook camelina oil at high temperatures safely. It is high in Omega-3’s and Omega-6’s, which is fantastic for joint health. You can buy camelina oil at your nearest health food store, and online at or

So, far, I have used camelina oil on our quinoa salads. Sometimes, I just drizzle a little bit into Maestro’s food. He doesn’t shy away from it, so that’s a good sign!

Gluten Free Dog Treats and GF Dog Supplements in Maestro’s Cupboard

Maestro already has several gluten free dog food and dog treats in his cupboard. Right now, he has the following:

Maestro and I like to cook together (he has a fine sense for what smells good together). We’ll share some of our latest recipes in the coming weeks.

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