Fun with Furoshiki Cloth

If you are looking for eco-friendly ways to wrap presents, carry your lunch or tote your purchases, check out furoshiki cloths.This is a creative and fun way to carry a wide variety of objects.

Furoshiki: the Japanese wrapping cloth

Furoshiki wrapping cloth has been around since the Nara Period (circa 710 AD). Back then, it was used for carrying valuables.

I first discovered it after watching, you've guessed it, anime. The Japanese students in various anime wrap their bento lunches with this Japanese wrapping cloth.

Furoshiki cloth can be used to wrap presents, carry groceries or your wallet. This photo shows the multitude of ways that this wrapping technique can be used:

Furoshiki Wrapping Technique

This is the first video I ever watched on Japanese gift wrapping: 

In Eco Wrapping Samurai's video, he shows a skeptical crowd how to make bags to carry groceries, plants and even his gear at the end of the day:

This last video that I found was filmed at Kakefuda Kyoto Shop:

Where to buy Furoshiki

If you are lucky enough to have a Japanese store where you live, you can find furoshiki cloths there. The rest of us, however, must look online.

The following is a list of North American stores that I know sell them:

This is a short list. If you know of any other stores that sell furoshiki cloths, please share.

One of these days, I will make my own. I just didn't have time to make any cloth to wrap Christmas presents. There's always next year!