Snow Day Activities and Reflections

After attending Otafest Aurora last weekend, I went to visit with family in High River and to pick up Maestro. The roads were fine at the time, but everyone knew that a storm was on its way.

Sunday night, we watched the snowstorm roll in. The swirling wind hid the landscape from view.

By morning, I was faced with either braving the treacherous roads back into the city (and the roads were equally horrendous in Calgary) or declare a Snow Day and reschedule music lessons to a non-blizzard day. I chose the latter.

What does one do with a Snow Day? The following is a short list of snow activities for adults that I came up with:

  • read
  • clean the house
  • reorganize a room, drawer, closet
  • cooking or baking
  • call or write family or friends
  • play a game
  • office work
  • sleep
  • spend time with family
  • hobby
  • watch a TV show or movie
  • pray/meditate
  • start your Christmas cards and letters
  • put up the Christmas tree

For my Snow Day, I wound up interviewing attendees so I could complete my reviews of Otafest on and my J-Blog. I also did a bit of tabletop gaming, trying out Castle Panic and Ticket to Ride. It was also a good day to take lots of naps, too. It was a great day.

Have I left anything out? What are some snow day activities that you have tried (or would like to try)?