Petcam Video: Canuck Winters from the Dog's POV

Now that Maestro's canine arthritis and I.V.D.D. appears to be stabilizing, he has started to use his Mr. Petcam a bit more. We have some friends and family who have never seen snow before, so he happily puts up with the Petcam to show off Canadian winter. I think it's mainly because he likes the attention he gets when wearing it:

This is Maestro's first Winter 2013 video with his petcam. It was taken on Friday, December 13, 2013:

One friend from Australia is completely fascinated by how crunchy the snow sounds when we walk on it.

This is a video in which Maestro shows off a typical day of errands. If you can stomach the motion, he shows his pre-acupuncture arthritic gait (listen for the uneven rhythm). Towards the end, he shows off his post-treatment gait, which is a bit more fluid:

Maestro had barely a limp (if at all) after his treatment. Last week, Dr. Mark from the Bridlewood Vet Clinic said that the arthritic pain is under control and that now, we are just managing the stiffness with his canine acupuncture, angelica-mastic medication and his laser therapy. A nice Christmas present for the guy.

Brr! It was cold that day (-18 degrees Celsius). Not as cold as it was earlier this month. With the petcam, the snow looks more intimidating from a small dog's POV.