Vivaldi's 'Other' Gloria

While I was writing this week's article for, I listened to Antonio Vivaldi's Introduction and Gloria, RV 588. It is not as famous as his RV 589.

I've always enjoyed Vivaldi's music, ever since I studied his Four Seasons in music history.The imagery in all four concerti is just lovely.

That admiration grew even more when I visited his fair (but stinky) city of Venizia in 2001. The culture is so rich in Venice. Musicians performing everywhere. Stunning blown glass works and delicate lace.

In  The ‘Other’ Vivaldi Gloria: Discovering a Lesser-known, Gregory M. Pysh describes it as "a delightful and most accessible setting for choirs of all abilities." It certainly is sonorous and pleasing to the ear, although I wouldn't go so far as to call it completely "accessible" to all levels. Every work has its trouble spots.

Here is a snippet of this work by Antonio Vivaldi for choir and chamber ensemble:

Alas, I cannot attend this Sunday's performance of this by the Calgary Bach Society (so many Calgary concerts and events, so little time). I do hope to catch a performance by this local chamber music ensemble soon.

If you'd like to add Vivaldi's Gloria & Introduction to your music collection, you can find it on Amazon: