Independent Japanese language study: Muzukashii, desu ne?

Though it pains me to admit it, I've fallen off the wagon with my independent Japanese study. I began the year with gusto by creating milestones and a study log check list. These are the milestones I set out to accomplish in my Japanese for Busy People book:

You can see that I've attempted to go through my Minna no Nihongo book several times since studying at the Calgary Japanese Language School:

I was really good for the first six weeks. I set out the goal to dedicate 10 - 30 minutes a day, five days a week to studying Japanese. Here's my log sheet:

Our little study group was difficult to maintain as those who came to the first two were all at very different levels in their Japanese studies. The majority of my classmates from last year either continued with CJLS, decided to study on their own or commit to another activity.

Things began to unravel after Thanksgiving. Life happened. New projects on tap. Studying became more sporadic.

Here we are in November. I will try again to get back on track. I already notice that my Japanese comprehension when watching anime or listening to music is slipping to catching a few words here and there, instead of actual phrases. Yadda!

I am hoping that it will be easier to follow my schedule once I resume my Iaido training after Christmas. Fingers crossed.

Do you have any study tips and ideas to share for studying Japanese (or any language) independently?