Attempting to Improve My Memory

Have you ever been to a party or business function where you met a bunch of people, and forgot the name of the first person by the time you were introduced to the fourth? You're not alone, if my Google searches on the topic indicate.

I came across a neat article a few weeks ago on Buffer App's blog, entitled, "How to Never Forget the Name of Someone You Just Met: The Science of Memory". Like my students, I rely on writing something down "so I don't forget" or putting a reminder in my smartphone.

However, as the author Kevan Lee indicates, that's not really remembering. All we're doing is delegating the task of remembering to the object we inputted the information into.

Intrigued by some of the exercises to improve memory, I decided to try the memory mapping technique. On September 14, I chose my studio as the room to put everything/everyone in. On the first day, I used the technique to remember my errands of things to pick up : the cymbal was doing Jumping Jacks on the couch, the fridge was trying my new outfit and then put it inside itself, Maestro's vitamin powder was strewn all over my keyboard's keys, the Virgin Mary was praying the Rosary atop my wall screen (Miraculous Medal), the retro player ate my fruit salad, my frequent shopper cards were doing the conga at my computer station, the piano keys were replaced by tampons, the bookcase was playing with my cheques before taking them to the bank and my CD stand was trying on my jewelry. It's been over two weeks and I still remember that list of nine items because the images are simply ridiculous.

I'll keep using this technique as it appears that I did improve my short-term memory (to the point that it converted into a long-term memory!). I do hope to try some of the other exercises the next time I remember to read the article.

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