Sight-reading Music for Fun

Summer music practicing should be fun, don't you think so? One way that I've been keeping it light but still maintaining my skills is to sight-read. I recently bought a bunch of music while at the music teachers' convention. I plan on doing book reviews on most of them, so I've decided to sight-read my way through them. Sure, some of it is easy peasy for me, but there are enough books in my "To Read" pile that do remind me to utilize the sight-reading tips that my colleagues and I give to our students.

It's been an adventure. I'm not familiar with all the composers or the pieces in these new books so I have no idea where the composers are going to take me.

Give it a try. If you are in need of sheet music to sight-read, head to your local library to borrow some song books. You can also visit your local music store. If you want to buy some music online, there's always Sheetmusic Plus and Musicnotes. Happy exploring!