A Look at Pet Stairs and Ramps

image Last year, I bought these Pet Gear Easy Steps for Maestro. There were a couple of other models and brands that I looked at. This won over the competition because of its sturdy construction.


The carpet on the stairs is removable so you can toss the carpet into the wash.

When Maestro was diagnosed with IVDD and arthritis, one of the first things the vet told me was, "No stairs". Going up isn't the problem, going down is. The impact of descending, with all your weight bearing down is hard on the joints - whether you are furry or furless!

My brother discovered the Snoozer Scalloped Pet Ramp:

This Snoozer Sca

The scalloped stairs make it a hybrid between stairs and ramps. They are made of sturdy foam.It took Maestro a while to get used to them, but now he has no challenges. Sometimes, he even sits in the middle!

There are quite few pet stairs out on the market. Check them out!