More Online Tools for Studio Management

Using Google Docs makes data collection easy - wherever you are! This past school year, I experimented with Google Docs for my music studio documents. I started by using forms to create sign-up sheets to studio events. Building a form is extremely easy.

In fact, Google Docs has done such a great job, that I created my 2013/14 registration package online. The registration process is done mostly online (I still am collecting post-dated tuition cheques). The registration letter has embedded links to the Studio Timetable, Tuition Schedule, Studio Calendar an Registration Form.

Processing student registrations used to eat up a lot of my time. Now, I just have to monitor the entries and remind families to submit their fees and completed form by the registration deadline.

The forms are sent as private links to my studio families. Only I have access to the data, which I can import into Open Office Calculator if I so desire.

Data collection has never been so easy!

Here's a great demo by Dottotech on the features of Google Docs: