Exploring Online Discussion Forums for Music Teachers

Online discussion forums and groups are a great way for solopreneurs to brainstorm and troubleshoot with colleagues. Think of them as virtual coffee rooms or water cooler areas.

My first introduction to online music teacher groups was the Canadian Piano Pedagogy Group. Shortly thereafter, I joined a couple of music teacher groups on LinkedIn.

These days, I've been more active in two groups. The first is the Alberta Piano Teachers' Association's Facebook Group (APTA). The second is worldwide - The Art of Piano Pedagogy

What I like about these groups is that they aren't limited to where I teach. APTA's FB group has over 70 members from across Alberta, while The Art of Pedagogy has over 3,100 members worldwide. There are variances to how each city state or town, province or state, country or continent tackles the art of music teaching.

By plugging into these groups and into this "world brain" of music education knowledge, music teachers young and old can draw upon this highly dynamic library. Not only that, just like another famous online community that I am part of, these groups also provide encouragement and support when teachers are going through challenging times or life transitions.

If you are feeling a little isolated (which is common for any solopreneur), or you feel like you need to re-energize your teaching without having to travel far, online discussion groups are a great way to go. The solopreneur does not have to be alone!