Cooking for A Dog with Arthritis

Lately, I've been exploring what changes to make to his home-prepared diet. From my preliminary searches, I have found that cayenne pepper, red peppers, turmeric and cumin contain either anti-inflammatory properties or have cleansing properties.

It also appears that grains needs to be completely cut out. Omega-3 oils and Glucosamine are a must.

Lean meats are a must too. Oh, Maestro will be happy to hear that he can still eat cartilage.

The following are a few articles that I have found regarding the types of foods and herbs to feed an arthritic dog. I'll post more as I come across them:

Arthrtis in Dogs Diet Guidelines for Dogs with Arthritis Treating Canine Arthritis Naturally

A quick update on Maestro's treatments: Maestro seems to be responding well to his medication since being diagnosed with IVDD and osteoarthritis. Administering his medication is a snap with Pill Pockets.

He was pretty good at the Canine Aquafitness Centre too, where they did some heat therapy and chriopractic adjustments. However, for one moment, he was reluctant to have the vet complete the adjustment to his neck area. He turned around to face her and his expression clearly said, "You can adore me, but do not touch my neck." He was all perky afterwards.

The vet recommends that he try laser therapy. It's gentler on his joints.